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Leadership Northern Kentucky

Leadership NKY is designed to help a diverse group of established community leaders acquire an understanding of the strengths and challenges of the region, and the skills necessary to engage others in collaborative efforts to address them. The curriculum for each session changes based on the needs of the region for that specific topic.



For 45 years, Leadership NKY has been an indispensable tool for developing engaged community leaders. It utilizes the community as a classroom, empowering established leaders with the necessary skills to tackle the region's opportunities and challenges through teamwork.

Each session's curriculum is tailored to suit the unique needs of the region. The program begins in August with Orientation, followed by a two-day, overnight retreat and monthly day-long sessions. The program concludes in May.

Session days are planned by program alumni who are subject matter experts and thought leaders in their field.

Ideal Participants:

Leadership NKY is designed for experienced leaders ready to invest their time, skills, and resources in making a positive difference in the NKY Metro Region.

How individuals benefit: 
  • Make meaningful connections to the region and other leaders;
  • Build leadership skills by understanding your strengths and the strengths of others;
  • Grow your professional and personal networks;

How companies benefit:
  • Participants will learn new leadership skills that transfer to the workplace;
  • Alumni community leadership programs (CLP) are three times as likely to serve their community in a civic role (e.g., board member, elected official, advisory group, committee member, etc.);
  • Participating in CLP programs significantly increases community engagement outcomes (e.g., political involvement, volunteering, civic participation, and donations);
  • CLP alumni believe they can successfully lead a group;
  • Participants have an above-average degree of confidence in their leadership efficacy – an ability to self-regulate stress and improve team performance;
  • CLP’s are an effective tool in helping retain talent;

Tuition & enrollment:

Tuition for Leadership NKY is $3,500 for NKY Chamber Members and $4,000 for future members. Tuition covers all program costs. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee. Financial assistance is available on a limited basis.

Please note that Leadership NKY only accepts 50 class members each year and there are always far more applicants than 50. Applicants are encouraged to apply additional times even if they are not accepted the first time. It is a strategic imperative of the NKY Chamber to create a more inclusive business community. The selection committee makes every effort to select a diverse group of leaders for each class.



Have questions about Leadership NKY? Contact Dawn Denham, Director of Leadership, at 859-578-6388 or

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