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Certificates of Origin



The NKY Chamber can review and certify your export documents (Certificate of Origin) with our Chamber-seal service. 

Our compliant process makes it easy for you to submit and receive your documents promptly. We offer customers numerous options for submission and pick-up.


We must receive, at minimum, both a completed certificate of origin and a commercial invoice. We are happy to apply certification, per your request, to any additional documents.

You can use your Certificate of Origin documents or contact us for a copy of our NKY Chamber Certificate of Origin template.

If you are new to the NKY Chamber, initially, we will need you to sign an affidavit regarding your document submission(s). We require this signed document for new customers or when a significant change occurs in an organization. This document must be notarized; we offer an on-site notary at no charge (call for availability).

How To Submit
  • Email: Send documents to along with your preferred receiving method.
  • Walk-in: From 8 am-12 pm we can process your originals while you wait in our spacious office. Need to visit after Noon? Give us a call at 859.578-8364 or email to check the availability of chamber seal personnel.
  • Courier: We are happy to receive documents via courier service. Please call or email us to let us know that these docs may be coming.


You will receive back from us:

  • A cover letter that includes our release and chamber address/phone number accompanied by the signature of our president/CEO. This cover letter also notes your shipping or invoice reference, our file number for audit purposes, and the process date.
  • NKY Chamber Blue Ink stamped documents. By request, an embossed logo stamp will be applied. All stamps are accompanied by a Chamber of Commerce employee signature in blue by one of our trained Chamber-seal processors. 

Receiving Your Originals

At the NKY Chamber, we offer numerous document pick-up options:

  • Pick up at the NKY Chamber. We are located at 300 Buttermilk Pike, Suite 330, Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017 (third floor). In our lobby, you will find your documents waiting to be picked up.
  • Courier. Use your delivery driver or schedule a pick-up with your favorite courier service.
  • Send us a pre-paid shipping label. Far Away? Working remotely? Skip the pickup. We can conveniently send these originals back to you or directly to the consignee. UPS and FedEx are preferred.

Upon request, our staff will send an electronic version of the documents back to you while your original documents await pick-up. For email requests, we will notify you when the originals are ready, regardless of your pick-up option.


We offer competitive pricing at the following rates: 

  • NKY Chamber members - $30/per original set requested
  • Non-NKY Chamber members - $50/per original set

Payment is processed via monthly billing, email for more information. However, payment is accepted at any time and at pick-up via credit card, check, or cash.

We offer generous, discounted pricing to our members who use our chamber seal service regularly. Discounted pricing can only be offered for member companies with 51 or more processed certifications (usually within a year).

Understanding Certificates of Origin

Certificates of origin are used to prove an export’s country of origin and to determine whether a product can be legally imported and if so, specifically, what Tariff or Duty will be assessed on the shipment. Free Trade Agreements determine those duties.

The 1923 Geneva Convention declared the Chambers of Commerce the official body to issue, sign, and stamp Certificates of Origin worldwide. This declaration was ratified by President George W. Bush in Kyoto in 2005.

Why Chambers of Commerce? 
  • They are independent of the government.
  • Chambers of Commerce can be found worldwide.


Have questions about Certificates of Origin? Contact Angie Wormald, Office Manager, Certificates of Origin, at 859-426-3825 or

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