The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce joins forces with Fifth Third Merchant Services Powered by Worldpay

Fifth Third Bank Merchant Servicesis a preferred provider of credit card processing for members of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. They deliver more than payment processing:
Member Benefits:

  1. Waiver of application fee
  2. Waiver of monthly service fee
  3. Waiver of installation fee
  4. Next-Day Funding (soon we will offer members same day funding)
  5. Specialized “NKY Select Package” Includes our security product Omnishield Assure, New Terminal, $100,000 of Breach Assistance in the event of compromised card data, and more
  6. In-market Account Executives for face to face consultation and support
  7. 24/7 Expedited Support through our 5/3rd Bank Merchant Assist Line
  8. *Personal and Business Banking opportunities at your local 5/3rd Financial Center
  9. And much more…see Account Executive for details

Payments - Smarter, faster, easier payments, because time is money- from faster transactions to streamlined operations.
Security - Complete protection for the four major threats facing businesses: card data security, fraud protection, PCI compliance, & risk, including data breaches.
Insights – Empowering you with real-time, actionable insights. On-demand, on-screen tools available to help manage, protect & simplify your business.
Growth – It’s how smarter, faster and easier can be applied day-to-day to help make your business more efficient and grow.
Support - FIFTH THIRD PROCESSING SOLUTIONS, Powered by Worlpay customer service is designed to move quickly. However, our support is not just about payments, it’s about commerce innovation & resources to help grow your business.
5/3rd bank Merchant Services has tailored solutions that fit your unique needs and free up more of your time to run your business.

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