Job Posting

Title/Position: Deputy Jailer
Organization: Boone County Jail
Category: Miscellaneous - Other
Employment: Part Time
Location: Boone County Jail
Posted: June 6, 2018

1.      General Nature of Work


a.       This is skilled work in a county jail.  An employee in this class is responsible for the supervision of inmates.  Work is performed under close supervision. Deputy Jailers routinely and regularly require face to face contact with inmates. Deputy Jailers must be able to be certified through the firearms training to carry a firearm during transportation of inmates. Deputy Jailers need to be able to respond to situations where there may be a high degree of danger or peril and respond with the appropriate level of force needed to maintain order in the jail. Deputy Jailer’s need to be aware that they can be exposed to infectious diseases and blood borne pathogens as a result of working with the inmate population. This position requires a high degree of physical conditioning in order to effectively control uncooperative inmates and deal with the physical and mental stress associated with the duties of this position.

2.      Examples of Duties


a.      Check previous shift logs and the population count at the beginning of a shift.

b.      Keep a running log of all shift activities; keep a telephone log;          Process incoming inmates into the jail management system, fill out     forms, place personal property and valuables in a locked place; allow           prisoners to make a telephone call, place the inmate in a cell or the         detoxification area, and file the inmates’ information in the proper        place.

c.       Check cells regularly for condition of inmates and inmate activities as required by state standards.

d.      Release and return inmates who participate in a work release          program; release and return inmates to a cell that work inside the jail.

e.      Knowledge of housekeeping procedures in order to supervise inmates in preparing and serving meals, doing laundry, cleaning the jail, and               other duties as required.

f.        Ability to process outgoing inmates in the jail management system,              which includes filling out forms, returning personal property, writing               bonds, taking money, and writing receipts as required.

g.       Some skill to make routine computations and tabulations with speed           and accuracy.

h.      Ability to transport prisoners to a hospital, dentist or court as           required.

i.         Ability to perform guard duty at a hospital as required.

j.        Ability to serve and file warrants as required.

k.       Ability to monitor the two-way radio system used by other deputy                jailers; monitor the visual and audio monitors throughout the jail.

l.         Ability to answer a telephone and answer questions posed by the                 public.

m.    Ability to work under general supervision.

n.      Supply inmates with personal items such as toilet paper, soap, uniforms, and clean linens and clothing.

o.      Collect and receive mail daily.

p.      Deliver canteen products to inmates on alternate days; supervise indoor and outdoor recreation and visitation at scheduled times.

q.      Inspects cells for contraband as required.

r.        Performs related duties as required.

3.      Desirable Training and Experience


a.       Graduation from a standard high school, vocational school or the equivalency, and ability to read and write basic English, supplemented by experience in the supervision of inmates; or any combination or experience and training which provides the desired knowledge, skills, and abilities.

4.      Necessary Special Requirements


a.     Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

b.      Attendance at twenty-four (24) of on-site training per year.

c.       Must maintain a level of physical fitness that will allow the employee to perform duties satisfactorily.

d.      Must pass criminal, medical history, and employment background check.

e.      Possession of or ability to obtain promptly, a Commonwealth of Kentucky motor vehicle operator's license for type of vehicle operated.

f.        Must be bond-able.

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