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Title/Position: CCC Network Coordinator & In Home Service Provider
Organization: Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission
Category: Miscellaneous - Other
Employment: Full Time
Location: Newport Kentucky

POSITION TITLE: In-Home Services Provider


REPORTS TO: CCC Supervisor







To provide individualized parent education through mentoring and coaching, while facilitating for the best interest of the child(ren) and establish a referral process to reach out to community partners.



In-Home Based Services staff duties:

    1. Facilitate for the best interest of the child
    2. Contact and schedule home visits within five (5) working days of an accepted referral.
    3. Home visits are held within seven (7) working days of an accepted referral.
    4. Services must be offered for a minimum of six weeks.
    5. Document observations, interactions, goals, and timeframes established during home visits.
    6. Ensure confidentiality with all documentation and discussion about the family.
    7. Provide individualized parent education through mentoring and coaching using a research-based successful curriculum.
    8. Utilize techniques in areas such as child development, age appropriate behavior, positive approaches to discipline, communication skills building, mutual trust, anger management, problem solving, and increasing self-esteem.
    9. Follow the guidelines of the curriculum chosen and complete all required assessments and evaluations.
    10. Promote parent (caregiver) and child attachment. All documentation and discussion with the family must be confidential.
    11. Use preventive measures or techniques to redirect any potential for crisis and/or conflict that occurs in an effort to enhance positive interaction.
    12. Discuss the option to coordinate Family Planning Meetings with the family and the referral source.
    13. Participate in case-planning or activities required by the referring agency.
    14. Complete the North Carolina Family Assessment Scale for General Services (NCFAS-G) assessment focused on direct observation of child(ren)’s behavior in the home at intake within the first two weeks of service and at closure. Cases that remain open longer than six weeks require an interim NCFAS-G assessment.
    15. Develop written goals/tasks with the family based on the NCFAS, ASQ-3, ASQ:SE ad/or other assessment. Update or revise at interim as needed.
    16. Work with the family in completing the ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE with all children ages 5½ and younger. Provide the age appropriate ASQ activities sheets to parents. Work with the parents in completing the ASQs at the beginning of services and each time required by ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE.
    17. Direct the family in locating resources as needed.
    18. Maintain a professional relationship with parents, family members, and child(ren).
    19. Intervene if the behavior becomes harmful to the child (e.g., adult reacts inappropriately to the behavior of the child, attempts to disrupt services, etc.) and document each occurrence.
    20. Develop and maintain a plan to deal with uninvited individual/s or individual/s who attempt to disrupt a visit. Keep on file and ensure that families have a copy.
    21. Establish a tracking mechanism for all contact with the family.
    22. Resolve issues as an objective third party when they arise within a family.
    23. Attend yearly Peer Exchange.
    24. Staff personally input data into Cabinet’s In-Home Services (Activities) data collection web-based system for their assigned cases. Input data monthly for all new cases with updates at interim and closure.
    25. Distribute and collect client satisfaction surveys for each family and maintain on file.
    26. Develop an aftercare plan with each family.
    27. Provide follow-up contact with each family. Input family follow-up information into the In Home Services (Activities) Website.
    28. Hold a Family Planning Meeting for families when necessary.
    29. All duties deemed necessary.


  1. Attend all required training, such as the NCFAS-G, ASQ, and data training.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, OR
  • Bachelor’s Degree in an area outside of Human Services, AND have at least one year experience providing in-home services, OR
  • Have four years of experience providing in-home services
  • Must possess excellent interpersonal skills
  • Must possess excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to relate to persons of various socio-economic backgrounds
  • Ability to bend, lift up to 50 pounds and engage in a full range of motion
  • Ability to sit, read, and type at a computer for up to 8 hours a per day
  • Reliable transportation.

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