Job Posting

Title/Position: Production Specialist
Organization: Trophy Awards Manufacturing
Category: Manufacturing
Employment: Full Time
Location: Wilder, KY
Posted: November 28, 2018

Trophy Awards is a Core Values based Learning Organization.

Our Core Values:

These are the non-negotiable trust-building foundation of our organization. Everything we do is framed in or filtered through these Core Values to ensure we stay in alignment with each other and the company’s Mission and Vision.

Embrace Change: Abandon Comfort - Persistently Learn - Be Transformed.

Pursue Excellence: Strive for Greatness in all you do.

Build up Others: Love Intentionally through Actions, Attitudes, and Words.

Collaborate: Work Together to be Exceptional.

Keep it Real: Be Honest with Yourself and Others.

Kill it: Exceed Expectations.

Fail Forward: Seize the Learning that failure Exposes.

Fun is Mandatory: Bring a spirit of Joy to each day.

Be Lean and Efficient: Be Intentional, Be Organized, Be Productive.

Be Healthy: Seek Growth - Financially, Intellectually, Physically, Relationally, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

Live Generously: Give Abundantly.

Learning Organization:

The ownership of Trophy Awards is passionate about helping people. We want to help people become the very best versions of themselves. We believe that learning is the path we must persistently travel to achieve our full potential. We also believe learning is the pathway to empowerment. For Trophy Awards to be the organization we believe it can be, we must actively advance learning as a way of life.  

Company Structure:

We don’t have a traditional hierarchy; we are building a team of company-minded problem-solvers. We work in teams, which form regularly, to embrace the myriad of challenges we encounter as we constantly strive to improve our customer experience. We want everyone to become a leader - one who strives to make everyone around them better. We are seeking those who want to propel our company culture forward.

The Position:

Our Production Team is comprised of self-motivated individuals who use their skills in the production of individualized crystal, acrylic, marble, wood, and metal awards that genuinely celebrate people. The Production Department utilizes our Core Values every day within their environment and throughout the company.  Some examples include the Lean & Efficient workflow, the Collaboration of each team member and the Pursuit of Excellence through their quality and high standards.

The Production Specialist I is responsible for setting the Production Team up to Pursue Excellence daily by using the Genesis Work Order System and Collaborating with other team members to understand what product needs to be pulled and prepped each day. This individual also Collaborates with other team members to understand where they can assist in the completion of orders within and outside of the Production Department.

Skills Needed:

A Production Specialist I should:

  • Possess a keen attention to detail with strong organizational and communication skills
  • Be a dexterous self-starter who possesses the ability to problem solve and work Collaboratively in teams
  • Basic computer skills are required
  • The ability to work on his/her feet for extended periods of time and to move and lift objects up to 30lbs is required
  • CorelDRAW or Graphic Design experience as well as previous engraving experience is a plus, but not required

Job Responsibilities (training provided):

Specifically, the Production Specialist I Collaborates with team members to understand departmental needs to ensure Lean & Efficient operation by:

  • Obtaining knowledge about company products and workplace safety guidelines
  • Using a computer to navigate the Genesis Work Order System to assess inventory needs and print staging documents
  • Completing prep work including unboxing and boxing materials and products, masking and taping crystal, prepping boards, cutting metal, building boxes and sublimating plates
  • Pulling product from the warehouse and staging pieces for personalization
  • Assisting in the completion of orders which may include washing crystal pieces, gluing acrylic and crystal pieces, spray painting, cleaning product for packaging, or assembling trophies, name tags, or plaques
  • Performing QA checks throughout the production process
  • Assisting with maintaining organization and cleanliness in all areas
  • Other prep work and tasks as assigned

Qualifications and Education Requirements

A Production Specialist I should hold a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.


We evaluate each team member on the following four attributes:

Willingness - the eagerness to help and do whatever it takes. This is a heart condition that shows up in those who see the value in serving others, being vulnerable, and seeking growth. Are you willing to get uncomfortable in order to build up others?

Teachability - a hunger to learn. We value learning. We want all of our staff members to welcome learning, growing, and developing. Are you open enough to ask questions, seek insights, and apply knowledge?

Team Attitude - the engagement to improve our culture.  We believe that our culture is defined by the quality of every interaction.  Will you authentically care for each person on our team? Will you engage in healthy conflict?

Skill - the ability to fulfill job responsibilities.  We believe that skill is important, but it is not our primary emphasis. If you exhibit Willingness, Teachability, and Team Attitude, we believe that skill will come naturally.  

The Location:

Trophy Awards is conveniently located in Wilder, KY, just 10 minutes southeast of downtown Cincinnati off the I-275 loop.

Why You Should Apply

Belonging: We collaborate on a daily basis, empowering one another to create an environment of acceptance and love.

Experience: We strive to embrace fun, intentionally creating and capturing experiences both among our team and our customers.

Growth: We invite challenge into our culture because we believe it is necessary to experience development.

Vision: We will transform lives through the expressions of love, honor, and affirmation.  In other words, we do meaningful work as we become a part of celebrating others.

Purpose: We believe every person has amazing abilities and talents. Many of us have traded away our passions for something safe.  We believe success is helping people unlock their true self.

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