Job Posting

Title/Position: Licensed Practical Nurse
Organization: Boone County Jail
Category: Health Care
Employment: Full Time
Location: Boone County Jail
Posted: June 6, 2018

1.      General Nature of Work


a.       This is skilled work in a county jail.  An employee in this class is responsible for the medical care of inmates.  The Licensed Practical Nurse routinely and regularly has face to face contact with inmates. Licensed Practical Nurse must hold and maintain a Kentucky State Nursing License. Licensed Practical respond to medical emergencies and deliver an appropriate level of medical care to maintain the health and safety of the inmate. Licensed Practical Nurses may be exposed to infectious diseases and blood borne pathogens as a result of working with the inmate population.

2.      Examples of Duties


a.      Screen and assess inmates upon intake to ensure any medical concerns are properly treated and documented.

b.      Evaluate and address inmate non-emergency medical complaints.

c.       Respond to emergency medical incidents and ensure proper treatment is given to inmates as needed.

d.      Medication management to include the transcription of providers orders, medication procurement, medication administration and the documentation of medication adherence.  Medication management to include maintenance of medication inventory and handling all medication according to state and federal laws and regulations.

e.      Work with other medical staff to ensure the cleanliness of the medical offices and exam room.

f.        Make all appropriate medical documentations in the jail computer system and the inmates’ medical file.

g.       Communicate with other medical staff, the clinical director, and deputy jailers to ensure all inmate medical concerns are being addressed and all Clinical Director’s orders are being followed.

h.      Schedule appointments for inmates to go to outside providers when ordered by the Clinical Director, and notify the jail shift supervisor for appropriate transportation.

i.         Follow all established treatment plans and monitor patients’ progress.

j.        Provide patient education at all clinical encounters and document in the medical record.


k.       Document all inmate encounters in the medical record accurately and in a timely manner.

l.         Ability to work independently and without direct supervision.

m.    Use universal precautions in all areas of practice.

n.      Follow Boone County Jail’s manuals to ensure the safety and security of the facility, inmates, and staff.

o.      Generate sick call lists.

p.      Maintain working inventory of all medical supplies.

q.      Follow all PREA laws.

r.        Must have a clear understanding of their job responsibilities and always practice according to the scope of practice of an LPN as described in the KY Nurse Practice Act.

s.       Must wear proper medical attire.

t.        Attend all mandatory staff meetings scheduled by the Health Service Administrator.

u.      Maintain confidentiality of inmate health issues and appointments to ensure compliance with HIPPAA and maintain safety and security of the facility.


3.      Necessary Special Requirements


a.        Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

b.      Must maintain a level of physical fitness that will allow the employee to perform duties satisfactorily.

c.       Must pass criminal, medical history, and employment background check.

d.      Possession of or ability to obtain promptly, a Commonwealth of Kentucky motor vehicle operator's license for type of vehicle operated.

e.      Must hold and maintain Kentucky State Nursing License. 

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