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Title/Position: Family & Community Partnership Coordinator
Organization: Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission
Category: Education
Employment: Full Time
Location: Covington Ky








GENERAL RESPONSIBILITY: Operate in compliance with any and all of the policies and procedures as established by NKCAC Head Start and the performance standards as established by the Federal Government regarding program operations to promote and provide quality service delivery to the children, families, and community of our service area. Fulfill responsibilities as an early childhood development, and health services team member and carry out tasks as outlined in the Component Plan.





  1. Work cooperatively with all components of the program.
  2. Maintain the confidentiality of staff and clients.
  3. Maintain a clean and organized work area.
  4. Coordinate, provide training, and compile the annual self-assessment. Submit completed report to the Program Director.
  5. Attend staff meetings and training, as required.
  6. Follow established child abuse reporting requirements.
  7. Assist in recruiting and training parent and community volunteers.
  8. Assist in securing in-kind donations to match the required non-Federal share amount each program year.
  9. Performance of any other work related tasks as deemed necessary by direct supervisor.
  10. Carry out goals, policies, and activities designed to implement parent involvement and social service objectives and performance standards.
  11. Update and maintain annual social service and parent involvement plan in conjunction with the Policy Council, parents, and other center staff.
  12. Assist in the development of family service program based on the Family Partnership Agreement.
  13. Work with Policy Council, committees, and staff in developing the Parent Involvement Program.
  14. Recruitment, screening, and enrollment of eligible children. Organize and conduct re-enrollment and pre-registration for children. Ensure all slots are filled in accordance with performance standards, and that waiting lists are current and recruitment is continuous.
  15. Provide advertisement and public relations concerning enrollment of Head Start enrollees.
  16. Assist Family Advocates to survey the needs of the family and provide services and referrals to other agencies as needed.
  17. Develop and provide updated Community Resource Guide to parents and staff annually.
  18. Provide a planned program of experiences and activities, which support and enhance the parental role as the principal influence in their child’s education and development.
  19. Facilitate direct involvement of parents in program planning, implementation, and evaluation, including decision making responsibilities and active participation in the classroom.
  20. Assist parents in conducting fund raising activities for specified goals approved by the Policy Council.
  21. Plan with other program components for annual appreciation activities for parents and volunteers.
  22. Establish a good working relationship and act as liaison between community agencies, Head Start families, and staff.
  23. Prepare and submit monthly reports of parent involvement activities, enrollment status, and volunteer hours to Program Director.
  24. Supervise, coordinate, and work with the Family Service staff in the implementation of the Family Service Program.
  25. Coordinate and schedule parent involvement training according to the performance standards.
  26. Implement a plan to refer families for emergency assistance or crisis intervention.
  27. Place and monitor the enrollees of Head Start in accordance with performance standards.
  28. Monitor the input of data into the software programs by family advocates to ensure correct and timely information and service delivery is being provided.
  29. Schedule and assist with monthly parent meetings at all site locations.
  30. Responsible for typing and distributing parent meeting minutes.
  31. Assures compliance with all program and grant requirements.QUALIFICATIONS:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or related field
  • Experience in supervision and coordination in the areas of recruiting and coordinating volunteer services, social work and counseling, or the combination of equivalent education and experience.
  • Proficient in record keeping skills, organizing, report writing and communication..
  • Ability to relate to persons of various socio-economic backgrounds
  • Ability to bend, lift and carry up to 50 pounds and engage in a full range of motion
  • Ability to sit, read, and type at a computer for up to 8 hours a per day *NKCAC is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We strongly encourage people of Color, people with disabilities, women, bilingual people, and former or current recipients of public assistance to apply for available positions.

The employee is expected to adhere to all agency policies and program requirements as required in the completion of this job description and all agency business.



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