Job Posting

Title/Position: Operations Agent - Entry Level
Organization: DSCS LLC
Category: Customer Service
Employment: Full Time
Location: Florence, KY
Posted: July 31, 2018

Our Company: Dynamic Supply Chain Solutions, LLC, is a socially conscience company, operating as a sales agency for Premier Expediters, Inc.  We routinely support faith-based philanthropy with both company and private time.  Our daily calling is to provide a gratifying transportation and logistics experience to those who offer us opportunities to move their valuable goods, materials and equipment from location to location.  We believe in a spirit-filled attitude and a happy workplace.  We value training as an investment in our employees' success and provide a blend of both classroom as well as on the job training environments. Those who choose to work here are expected to both agree with, and support our approach to doing business.

Position Accountability: This is a highly trusted, full time, operations agent position within the company. Reporting directly to, and with limited dependence upon the Operations Manager, or Acting Operations Manager, for assistance as needed, and in accordance with the operational guidelines of the company outlined in the Company Handbook, the position is accountable for gratifying clients by always:

  • Providing constant and consistent communications concerning the planning and execution of scheduled client movements with our clients.
  • Providing constant and consistent communications with DSCS and PEI team mates to execute the scheduled movement of our clients.
  • Bring challenges and potential disruptions to the attention of other decision makers to prevent actual disruptions to the transport and placement of clients’ goods, materials, and equipment.
  • Strive to create new opportunities from our current clients.
  • Provide periodic guidance, as requested by either the individual, or Operations Manager, to those holding Operations Agent 2 designation.
  • Act as an Ambassador for DSCS and PEI in all you do while on scheduled work hours.


Position Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Work with the DSCS team, PEI team members, and clients to arrange and execute the movement of goods, materials, and equipment; as requested by the client.
  • Flawless use of ” WorldTrac” scheduling, communications, and reporting system to ensure general awareness and record-keeping of work execution for the clients, including
    • Input of information for scheduling movements
    • Updates to status and recording of pertinent information exchange with the clients
    • Use the data base information in search and definition of issues and solutions
  • Communicate constantly and consistently with DSCS, PEI, and client representatives as needed.
  • Quickly escalate issues that are not within their responsibility to resolve to Operations, or Acting Operations, Manager for attention and resolution
  • Provide thoughts and ideas concerning providing clarity, increasing ease of doing business with, and improving value of service to, each client.
  • Provide assistance via training and answering questions for Operations Agent 2 team members, as requested by the Operations Manager, or Acting Operations Manager.
  • Participate in monthly team overview meetings to understand the condition of the company and its service level to the clients.

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