Health And Wellness Discounts

 Health Insurance 

NKY Chamber is partnering with Humana to help businesses with one of their largest expenses: health insurance. NKYChamber HealthSolutions is a new industry & health insurance association exclusively for NKY Chamber members with 2+ employees. With HealthSolutions, many NKY Chamber members can save 5-20% on health insurance premiums. For more information Click Here

Elite Health was developed by local health care systems to provide the highest quality care at the lowest available cost. Collaborate to improve the health of the community by bringing a unique health solution to create better care for business. For more information Click Here

With Humana health care benefits your company  could receive a Wellness Credit of up to 15% savings by enrolling in the Humana go 365 Program. This unique approach helps your employees achieve lifelong well-being through a multitude of resources and events. For more information contact your benefits broker or Deanna Louis at

 HEALTH Screening apps

Red Hawk pivots during the Pandemic to produce PRIMEtally, an affordable solution for COVID-19 Symptom Screening that helps businesses meet CDC recommendations and State requirements to reopen safely. Out-of-the box, PRIMEtally allows screeners to report their own temperature, but recent integrations with a Bluetooth enabled thermometer and a thermal scanner have been game changers. Click here to request a demo.


With CrowdBlink Protect App you can ensure no one with COVID-19 symptoms is entering your workplace and implement established best practices. Click here for more info.

Sidecar Health is a totally new kind of health insurance product centered on cash pricing and payment for healthcare at the point of service. With Sidecar Health, members customize a plan that can be much more affordable than traditional insurance options. After a member enrolls in a plan, Sidecar Health will send them a Visa card that can be used to pay a healthcare provider, facility and/or pharmacy directly for medical care and prescription drugs. For every covered medical service and prescription drug (there are more than 170,000 of them), the plan will pay a pre-set benefit amount so the member will always know exactly what their plan will pay. Sidecar Health can be used at any healthcare provider because there are no networks, and plans are customizable based on needs and budget. Click here to request more info.

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