Erigo HR

We solve problems in the areas of human resources, workers’ compensation, employee benefits, and payroll.

Erigo provides a comprehensive package of HR services designed to allow business leaders to focus on growing their bottom lines by relieving them of the laborious tasks associated with being an employer. Erigo accomplishes this by establishing a “co-employment” relationship with the client’s workforce and contractually sharing the traditional employer responsibilities.

Erigo will become responsible for employment-related administrative functions, benefits administration, payroll processing, and tax reporting. In essence, Erigo will act as your company’s outsourced payroll and HR departments.

While contracting with Erigo, your company will maintain control and direction of the day-to-day operations of your business and your employees.

Our sole objective is to relieve your management team of administrative employment tasks and paperwork in order to:

  1. to increase profitability,
  2. maximize employee productivity,
  3. reduce time spent in transactional HR,
  4. reduce employment-related liability, and
  5. ultimately lower labor costs.

HR Management

Erigo works as your full-service HR partner and assures compliance with federal and state employment regulations. Employee handbooks will be customized for you along with up-to-date and compliant labor law posters. Additionally, you will have access to Erigo’s HRIS system, a comprehensive online solution that allows you to manage HR, benefits, and access payroll information with nothing more than an internet connection.

Compliance & Risk Management

Erigo provides employment practices liability and workers’ compensation insurance for its clients and further administers compliance efforts with all employment laws and regulations. As a co-employer, Erigo coordinates with your company to cultivate a discrimination-free workplace. Also, since payroll wages and taxes are reported under Erigo’s tax ID numbers, Erigo becomes responsible for all employer tax payments and paperwork.

Payroll Processing & Tax Administration

Erigo conducts all payroll functions including the preparation and delivery of paychecks, managing direct deposits, withholding payroll taxes and wage garnishments, the distribution of W-2 statements, and other payroll-related functions. Most importantly for your business, the potential liabilities and burdens of payroll processing and taxes are shifted to Erigo.

Benefits Administration

Erigo can offer competitive rates for employee benefits such as health, dental, and vision insurance, short-term and long-term disability, life insurance, and 401(k) plans. We also take care of all the time-consuming details associated with the management and compliance requirements of these benefits.


For more information call 859-905-0092 to speak to an Erigo representative. 

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