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“I started exporting to grow my family business and never looked back.”

Friday, September 26, 2014

It was in 2011 that Florence based company Indelac Controls began to notice indicators of an economic downturn within their industry. Because Indelac Controls’ business was primarily domestic, company owner Larry Robinson was concerned about the effects of the recession, and decided to task his son Matt Robinson to explore exporting and how it could help sustain and grow the business.  

Matt, like many in small business, had no idea where to begin. That’s when he decided to become more involved with the international chambers of commerce and trade associations in the area. Matt was invited to attend a meeting at the Miami Valley International Trade Association (MVITA) centered on something they termed the “Exporters Tool Kit.” The tool kit was comprised of a hand full of presenters representing local resources that help companies export. Little did Matt know that the next hour of his life would be one of the most significant steps he had yet taken towards increasing Indelac’s international presence. From that single hour filled with short presentations, Matt learned how to insure Indelac’s exports for up to 95% for fractions of a cent on the dollar, how to obtain additional working capital to support projects for export, and how to identify potential customers in foreign markets.

“Preparing our company for exporting involved a lot of things we really didn’t know much about, but that’s where I got lucky.  The resources that I met at the workshop really came to our aid on educating us about what we needed to do,” Robinson said.

Since then Indelac Controls has become a model for export success. In the three years since the company embraced exporting, it now sends its electric actuators to 35 countries around the world, and has increased the share of export sales to 21% percent of total revenue, which has grown 71.5%.

Simply by attending a workshop on exporting, Matt Robinson learned that even a small business like his had assistance nearby to grow its presence abroad. Now a similar workshop is set to begin again, with the goal of developing a whole new generation of successful exporters.

On September 30th, the Northern Kentucky International Trade Association will hold a luncheon entitled “Opening the World of Opportunity through Export,” featuring comments and perspectives from both Governor Martha Layne Collins and Matt Robinson of Indelac Controls. Also at the event will be many of the local trade resource organizations that originally assisted Matt to successfully grow his business beyond the border of the U.S.  The luncheon will be held in the Northern Kentucky Chamber’s St. Elizabeth board room from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM on Tuesday, September 30th. For more information and to register for this event go to:

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